Monday, April 22, 2013

I Am Not a Mess...Office

My office is my biggest disaster area.  I have the tendency to pile things for later and then never get back to them.  This creates a giant mess for my work area and means that I don't actually get to work in my work area. 

Last weekend I cleared a path to my chair, so I can sit & knit, at least.  However, because of the piles of stuff on and around my work table, I can't do any mail art. 

I am slowly working on it.  So far, I have gone through some things on the floor and sorted into keep/donate/trash.  This Wednesday a truck is coming from a local charity, so I have a box & big bag, plus whatever I can sort out of my office by then.  The hard part is making myself sort through things, rather than curling up in my chair with my knitting!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring in My Yard

The past few days have been so lovely here! I got home from work the other day to see all these happy faces in my front flower beds.

And in my back yard I had little green grass growing, a tiny tree sprouting fresh new leaves, little purple blossoms, and Beauty waiting for me!

Happy cat!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013


Received this last night.  Totally cheered me up, it's just so pretty!

I am Not a Mess...

I have been so busy!  But not with knitting or mail art.  Noticed that, too, have you?  Work work work!  And therefore, no knitting (or not much) and no mail art to display, discuss and post. :(

Some things I have had spare moments for are checking out awesome design ideas at and reading productivity blog posts.  I got a good laugh from this post at Zen Habits

Taking all of these things into account, I have realized that I need a bit of accountability to get things done.  My motivation for household things has been growing due to the fabulous ideas I get from Houzz. I have started cleaning, organizing and getting my house on track.  So far I have gotten the laundry room in great shape and the backyard is off to a good start.

My motivation for my art has been seeing these pretty, fun new supplies for Smash! journals.  Their accessories are sooo tempting!  Yesterday I stood in the store aisle looking & looking.  Finally, after giving myself a mental shake, I turned away without buying any of it.
Why, you ask?  Because I have no workspace anymore! :(  I have allowed my work table to get piled up with things I could use, random junk, knitting patterns and who knows what, so that the table is now a foot deep in stuff!  The floor around it isn't much better...
So, in an attempt to get it together and have a lovely home and space to create fun stuff to mail out, I have decided to start a new set of posts: I Am Not A Mess. 
My plan is to take before and after pictures of each area, hopefully an area a week.  Once I get all of the areas under control I will post a picture of the area randomly, hopefully with a bit of knitting or mail art in progress, to show that they are now usable areas! 
Wish me luck!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting Started

Mail Art - Artist Trading Cards by me - Camouflage Quakies

Mail Art - Artist Trading Cards by me - Sunny Pond

Mail Art - Received today!

So far, I have received 3 pieces of mail art - 2 (3 if you count the ATC in the first one!) from my teacher and 1 postcard from another mail artist.  Yay!

Both mail art and knitting are going slow.  I will try to send out my first one tomorrow.