Monday, April 22, 2013

I Am Not a Mess...Office

My office is my biggest disaster area.  I have the tendency to pile things for later and then never get back to them.  This creates a giant mess for my work area and means that I don't actually get to work in my work area. 

Last weekend I cleared a path to my chair, so I can sit & knit, at least.  However, because of the piles of stuff on and around my work table, I can't do any mail art. 

I am slowly working on it.  So far, I have gone through some things on the floor and sorted into keep/donate/trash.  This Wednesday a truck is coming from a local charity, so I have a box & big bag, plus whatever I can sort out of my office by then.  The hard part is making myself sort through things, rather than curling up in my chair with my knitting!

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